I usually tell these only to my Internet students during our Internet Business coaching class.

Today I decided to share this small tip with all of you to help you to save some money, especially if you prefer to buy new domain names from godaddy.com.

For those of you who do not already know these: If you go directly to godaddy.com to buy a new domain name (at this point in time), the standard price per year per domain is typically USD$12.99 (price changes overtime) for a .com etc.

However, if you go to google.com and search for these keywords “register domain names” (or similar keywords), you will see GoDaddy’s advertisements on Google Adwords for discounted domains.

So, if you clicked on the ads and go through the godaddy.com site to buy the domains, you will get a substantial discount off the usual rates of US$12.99. I have registered many domains using this sneaky tactic at price points between USD$2.99 to USD$7.99 per domain per year.

To maximise your savings, you can register the new domains for a longer period of time at the discounted rates. For example, you can register your new domain at USD$5.99 for 5 years (or more, it is up to you) , so you can actually extend your savings for 5 years. :)

Or you can register multiple domain names at one go at the discounted rates too.

One thing to note though: This is for new domain name registration only. Renewal rates will resume back to the standard rates when your domains are up for renewal. If you are testing out new ideas online and need some domain names, godaddy.com is a good place to get cheaper domain names.

The discounted domain rates will apply when you are checking out from godaddy.com shopping cart.

I have been using them for countless projects (domain names registration) over the past 10 years, and I have no problem with them so far. BTW, I just used them for domain name services, I do not host with them because I think there are better web hosting companies out there!

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If you are an internet marketer, you know you need a professional looking banner for your web site.

However, the problem is many of you (me included) does not have good graphical skills to play around with Photoshop. Even if you managed to figure out how to use Photoshop or other similar tools to create a header banner, the end results that you produced are often less than desirable. (I know my attempts to produce a slick looking banner just do not meet up to standards. In short, my banner designs cannot make it).

Well, we are not designers and we have no flair for graphics design. That is when free tools like xHeader comes in handy. You can download a free copy of the xHeader if you can’t wait to finish reading my blog spot on this.

When you go to the xHeader.com web site, their headline screams:

“Create Stunning Header Graphics, With This Free Header Graphic Tool, That Look Like They Were Produced By A Professional Designer – Guaranteed!”

Well, since it is free, I took the plunge and downloaded their free xHeader software again (yes, this is my 2nd time downloading it, for my new laptop) to create my header banner.

Without having to look at any instructions manual, I managed to create a simple and professional looking banner again for 1 of my web sites in less than 5 minutes. It is very easy to use.

Come to think of it, just 3 weeks ago, I paid someone on odesk.com about US$10 to create a header banner for me. Today I decided to save some money and tried this xHeader software instead. I was once again pleasantly surprised by what I can do with this piece of banner design software.

When I am done with my banner design using this xHeader software, I went to their web site again and bought the paid version which allow me to choose from 5,000+ banner templates to create more professional looking banners. After I checked out from the shopping cart, an idea came to mind on how I can use this piece of useful software to make me more money on the Internet. And I was lucky today too because they are having a 25% discount on their web site for the Memorial Day sale, so I got an even better deal than usual.

If you want to create free professional looking header banners too, hop onto xheader.com to get your free copy. You do not have to buy the upgraded version like me if the free version suffices your needs.

Have fun creating new banners! I know I did!

PS: If you like to upgrade to the Pro version of xHeader, click on the banner below. I hope you are in time for the 25% discount. If not, it is still a great bargain!


Website Header Design Software


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