2 Fastest Ways To Create A Professional Looking Website Within A Few Mouse Clicks Under 10 Minutes

by Donald on May 27, 2012

I first learned how to create a web site in 1996 when I was still a student in school. At that time, Internet was still relatively new and most of us were using dial-up modems to connect to the Internet. My first web site was created using Netscape Composer, a very popular browser at that time with a built-in HTML editor. While doing so, I also started to explore a little bit about HTML to create web sites. It was very fun learning to do so at that time when I was still a student learning how to write software in school.

Fast forward to today 2012 where Internet is used by almost everyone else…

Many of us are going online now using broadband connection to the Internet. It is a vast improvement in internet speed over the past 15 years. Web site creation since then has also came a long way to where it is today. I am glad to see that in today’s context, creating a web site is as easy as filling up some blanks on an online form plus a few clicks on your mouse buttons and your professional looking web site will be up and live in just a few minutes.

2 of my favourite ways of creating a web site without knowing any single line of HTML coding are as follows:

1. WordPress, a free open source software (originally started as a blogging software)

2. Xsitepro, a paid web site creation software with tons of features and templates to help you create a great looking site fast.

With WordPress, you can download the free software from WordPress.org, do some simple changes to your configuration files, and then upload to your web hosting account via FTP, and start to install the WordPress software in under 5-10mins. Or if you are looking for a faster and simple way, you can sign up for web hosting accounts like Bluehost or Hostgator that supports 1 click installation of WordPress to make web creation even faster and simpler for you! After which, you can choose from a large database of design templates known as Themes to change the look and feel of your web site. From there, you can proceed to customise how your new web site will look like by adding new contents, changing the settings and page layout of how you want your new WordPress site to look like. With a few clicks of your mouse here and there, your web site is live on the Internet.

For more details on WordPress, go to their online manual.

Or alternatively, you can use Xsitepro to churn out web sites for you fast via a few simple steps. First, you create a project. Second, you add a new web site by choosing from a set of beautiful looking web site templates to form the main design of your new site, and lastly, to customise your web pages by editing the page layouts, insert new contents and images, optimise your web site for search engines like Google etc before publishing the site using the built-in FTP functions. Xsitepro’s interface has been designed to work you through these steps so that you do not miss out any and will never be at a loss what you need to do. If you ever need help, you can always refer to their support team and user guide. Here is a screenshot of how the Xsitepro design interface looks like:

You can get more details of Xsitepro features here.

If you want to create web site fast for your new project, or just want to explore web site creation, start with these 2 recommendations that I have for you now. Forget about Dreamweaver, ignore Frontpage and all other HTML or site creation software in the marketplace, these 2 pieces of software WordPress and Xsitepro are the best that you can ever find. Don’t take my word for it, try them out and be impressed!

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