5 Key Tools and Services that I use for my Profitable Internet Businesses

by Donald on March 4, 2012

To start a real internet business, you need some basic tools.

In this post, let me share with you what I am using now. Hope this will help you out when you are new to creating your first internet business as most newbies tend to get confused on what tools you need to use.

1. GoDaddy.com to register my domain name (US$8 to US$12 per year per domain, depending on promotions)

2. Bluehost to host my web pages and emails (US$83.40 to US$107.40 depending on 1 or 2 years plan that you sign up )

3. Market Samurai to perform my niche market research and check out the competition (US$97 one time payment with lifetime updates)

4. Getresponse for my email marketing needs (US$19 per month for email autoresponders, collecting email opt in leads etc)

5. WordPress to create my new web sites (WordPress is free open source software, and I recommened Bluehost as it supports 1-click installation of WordPress, which is very handy for newbies who do not want to mess with FTP, configuring WordPress setup options)

All in all, over your first year period building your first internet business, you will spend about US$400-US$500 to invest on these essential tools and services. It works out to about US$40 a month to maintain your internet business but the profit potential is limitless.

Very often, I will see newbies trying to save on this or save on that cost because they think that it is expensive. My question to them usually is this: If you are unable to make back at least your investment of US$500 a year on your internet business, then you might as well don’t do this because you are indirectly (often unknowingly) telling me that you cannot earn back $500 after spending a whole year working on it.

I was once a newbie, so I think like a newbie too when it comes to not spending money. But when I finally see the importance of investing in these tools and I invested in them, my internet income increases by at least 1000% (yes, 10 folds). Since then, I never look back because to build a real profitable online business, you need real tools. Think about this, if you are a F1 championship driver and you are not given a F1 car to show your driving prowess, you are as good as nothing.

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