is now part of Yahoo Services

by Donald on September 24, 2007

The ever popular and free blogging service at is now part of the Yahoo Services and you will need an existing Yahoo user ID to log into If you do not have one, you can sign up for one Yahoo ID for free.

After which, you will be asked to merge your MyBlogLog account with your own Yahoo user ID.

I guess this new move will get Yahoo more users (most notably web site publishers such as bloggers) in their worldwide community, even though some of you may use your Yahoo ID just for logging into MyBlogLog. For users who use Yahoo accounts, I think this will be a welcoming change for them since they have one user ID less to remember…

For me, Google is still the number 1 Internet company in my heart. No one else comes close…

It is companies like Google who constantly innovates and provides the opportunities for average folks like you and me to stay at home to work, and not stick our lives in a 9-5 job forever…

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