MySpace to offer free Skype calls

by Donald on October 17, 2007

MySpace has struck a deal with eBay-owned Skype that will enable users to make free internet phone calls.

Under the deal, which is set to go live in November, MySpace users will be able to access the service through the social networking website’s instant messaging function.

The new service, MySpaceIM with Skype, is likely to be a boon to both companies – there are 25 million installed users of MySpace’s IM platform, while Skype has 220 million global users.

MySpace users will also be able to link their profiles and photos or avatars to their accounts on Skype.

The MySpaceIM with Skype service will launch in 20 countries next month, while extra functionality linking to Skype accounts will be available in 25 countries.

I think this is great news to many of us, and definitely beneficial to both MySpace and Skype, in particular MySpace because the user base for Skype is so huge!

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