WordPress Web Site Creation

I love creating web sites using WordPress.

I discovered WordPress many years ago and since then I have been churning out WordPress web sites for myself and my clients.

I do it for fun to learn more about WordPress and of course, I also use WordPress to power many of my Internet businesses.

This site you are seeing now is also running on WordPress.

When I have the time, I also personally help my clients to set up their web site using this awesome piece of software WordPress.

If you are keen to have me set up an Google optimised web site for you, drop me an email. I will be happy to help you.

Recently, I spun off another internet business of mine helping internet entrepreneur wannabes to setup WordPress web sites. You can take a look at to find out more.


China Sourcing Training

Are you interested to be coached on how to do sourcing in China? Let me and my team bring you to the various wholesale centres in China to teach you how to source for products for your retail business or online business. Imagine getting iPhone covers for S$1 per piece as wholesale cost and sell them for retail prices as high as S$60 or more! Interested, drop me an email contact @!